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Festoon Fabulous Fair Trade Accessories

Festoon accessories will embellish you from head to toe. Go boldly and feel free to layer it on, and on, and on!

bags, bracelets, hats, sunglasses and more!

Festoon Loves to Support Local Artists!

We pride ourselves in carrying USA made goods!

Much of our jewelry is made by local artists.

Many of our Artists choose to donate the proceeds of their sales to charities and causes that give back and create a better world!

We are happy to carry a fantastic selection of Handmade and Fair Trade Organic pieces of art!

Introducing Lancaster Made Artist J Almodovar

Recently Updated5 Introducing Lancaster Made Artist J Almodovar

Dogeared Necklaces

DogEar Dogeared Necklaces

Layer them up! Dogeared Necklaces are Sterling Silver and Gold Dipped, and Made in USA!

Dogeared Necklace Festoon Lancaster
Dogeared Bags

Stylin' Sunglasses

2015 02 16 Stylin' Sunglasses

Hollywood Fashion Tape

2015 02 19 Hollywood Fashion Tape

You don't have to be a fashion diva (or fashion disaster) to use Hollywood Fashion Tape. Regular gals use it daily to solve a multitude of fashion problems, such as slipping straps, falling hems and gapping blouse fronts!

We Love Echo!

From Scarves to Totes and Tunics, We have it all!

Come to Festoon for this tried and true line of Beautiful , Fashion Forward Accessories!

Feel the soft hand of our scarves and enjoy all of the eye catching color and texure!

Festoon boasts a huge selection of Echo Accessories for each Season!

Echo Purses