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Festoon in the media

Throughout the years, Festoon's apparel selection has become a Lancaster fashion staple! As a result we've had a lot of coverage in the press.

We value every one of our mentions, and are committed to our promise of offering a fashion-forward selection of clothing for our customers to enjoy.

Come in and check out what we have to offer, and peruse our press coverage for proof that we have a corner on the fashion market!

Shop Festoon today!!

Lancaster Magazine Dogs Good For Health
Spring 2015 Festoon Framed F
Holiday 2014 Festoon Framed f
Summer 2014 Festoon Framed f
2014 Festoon Frame F
Winter 2012 Festoon Framed f
Susquehanna Fall 201
Festoon Fig Summer2 201
Festoon Fig Summer 2011 Fig Magazine Summer 201

Fig Magazine Summer 2011

Fig Festoon Fall 201
Fig Holiday 201
Lancaster County Magazine Festoon Story
Lancaster New Era Style by Kathy
Lancaster New Era Festooned in Spring
Fig Festoon Inspired Designs Fig Magazine Inspired Designs

Fig Magazine Inspired Designs

Lancaster Fine Living Black White Blonde Lancaster Magazine Fine Living

Lancaster Magazine Fine Living